About us


Ilaria Baldan, founder of "A rush of spritz to the head" was born and raised in Venice mainland.

After moving to Canada, she quickly realized that she could not translate in English many of the expressions her parents and grandparents used to say to her in Venetian dialect.

When her first son Leonardo was born, she thought that this part of the family heritage could be lost forever after her generation, so she started to write it all down, to treasure it for him.

Soon she felt that what she was doing may be of interest for interest many others who, just like her, wanted to share their Italian dialect heritage, and proudly teach some of it in the countries that they now called home.

The name "A rush of blood to the head" describes the feeling Ilaria felt any time she had the impulse of saying something "untranslatable" in Venetian dialect; it also reminds of the Company's products main features of freshness and authenticity, by alluding at the Venetian typical - now world-famous - drink, the spritz!